“Code on the Road: Empowering Migrant Women and Girls Through Business Entrepreneurship and Software Training” launches its Funzi Founder 101 Hub business entrepreneurship 6-week program in Amman.

“Code on the Road: Empowering Migrant Women and Girls Through Business Entrepreneurship and Software Training” is now accepting registrations in Amman, Jordan for its Funzi Founder 101 Hub business entrepreneurship program

Deadline for registrations is end of Wednesday 15th May, 2019. Funzi 101 Hub mobile course will begin Saturday 8th June, 2019. The first on-site session will take place Saturday 15th June, 2019. The course is free but only 50 seats are available so make sure to act quick! 


Can anyone register?
If you’re a human and belong to the female sex, you can register. The program is open to all women and girls who wish to learn the principles of business entrepreneurship or to improve their already existing businesses—regardless of age, race, and religious or political status. Ability to attend weekly on-site sessions is a must. Sadly, extraterrestrials are currently excluded until further accommodations can be made.
What is the Funzi Founder 101 Hub? 
The Funzi Founder 101 Hub is a blended learning program that consists of participants studying an online course on their mobile devices (=mobile learning) and attending on-site sessions facilitated by Code on the Road, the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund  (AEIF) team, and our local partners. During the 6-week program, participants study one course module as mobile learning per week, after which they attend an on-site training session to deepen their learning with the help of expert facilitators. Through practical tasks and activities, the on-site sessions take the participants further in improving their own business ideas or their already existing businesses.
The program focuses on building entrepreneurial skills and a growth mindset in order to be a successful entrepreneur and consists of the following 6 modules:
  • The Founder: The right entrepreneurial mindset and skill set of a successful entrepreneur

  • The Inventor: Identifying and developing ideas, solving customers’ problems by developing the right products or services, prototyping and testing, creating a Business Model Canvas

  • The Salesman: Storytelling, pitching, other communication skills, sales and marketing strategy

  • The Manager: Different forms of enterprise, what they mean for organizing the ownership and funding of a company, and choosing the right form of enterprise to best fit the entrepreneur’s vision

  • The Banker: Managing costs, basic reporting requirements, understanding funding opportunities in different growth stages

  • The Leader: Building company culture, hiring the right employees, leading and motivating employees, resolving conflict in the workplace

Where will the on-site sessions take place? 
The on-site sessions will take take place once a week on Saturdays at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellent of Al-Hussein Technical University at the King Hussein Business Park in Amman, Jordan. The on-site sessions will take place in both Arabic and English.
What do you need? 
A mobile phone and a desire to seize educational opportunities!
What happens after? 
At the completion of this course, students will receive a certificate and will be introduced to mentoring networks to assist them in finding internships, labor opportunities, and dedicated mentors. In addition, 10 students out of 50 will  be selected to receive further training through workshops on software tools and how to launch their businesses online.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our form or to find us on Facebook! For more information on Funzi check out their website.