“Code on the Road: Empowering Migrant Women and Girls Through Business Entrepreneurship and Software Training” Program is now accepting registrations in Amman, Jordan for it's Funzi Founder 101 Hub business entrepreneurship program.

“Our guiding principles are innovation, mobility, transparency and action. The most remote, disenfranchised, and challenging cases are both our priority and passion. That is our code.”

— AYA BURWEILA, Founder & Director

Code on the Road (COR) is a nonprofit civil society organization committed to building an inclusive and equal society through implementing innovative, multi-disciplinary and targeted programs designed to empower both migrants and natives through labour-market integration, business entrepreneurship, ICT education and resilience-building against extremist right wing and religious ideology.

Extremist ideology not only impedes the existence of an open and innovative civil society where members can reach their full potential and their human rights are respected, but also serves as the hostile context in which both women and men are expected to operate.

At COR, we also place a special emphasis on empowering women and girls who lag significantly behind their male counterparts in software and business entrepreneurship training as well as access to the necessary mentorship and opportunities they need to advance their careers and realize their goals.

Shunning the traditional model of charity which does little to upset the power structure between the benefic and the beneficiary, COR’s mission is to identify vulnerabilities in society and to transform them into potentialities and self-sufficiency using innovative, timely, cost-effective, and evidence-based programs on the ground, on the internet, and through the use of smart-phone technology.  

To COR, “code” refers not only to computer programming, but also to educational programs and social policies that we must apply both as individuals and organizations to decipher and solve our social and economic problems.

To achieve our aims, COR partners with local and international organizations and networks and also acts as a regranting organization to existing initiatives that have proven to be effective, grassroots and scalable.


COR Winner of the HAAA 3arabi Impact Initiative

On 14 October 2019, Code on the Road’s bid to bring our programs to Benghazi, Libya and the wider region was announced as the First Place Winner of the Harvard Arab Alumni Association’s 3arabi Impact Initiative competition.

The 3arabi Impact Initiative by the Harvard Arab Alumni Association (HAAA) aims at identifying and supporting implementation of projects that impact the Arab world, regardless of sector or country, including social enterprises, NGOs, stand-alone initiatives, and projects spearheaded by alumni as part of their daily jobs.

The HAAA aims to provide a platform for Harvard alumni, Harvard students and members of the non Harvard community to share their initiatives and create opportunities to mobilize support from Harvard alumni, students and relevant stakeholders to implement initiatives that are most liked by the wider community.

Al Tamimi & Co and AstroLabs are the sponsors of the competition.


COR Founder Delivers Speech at the EU-Arab World Summit in Athens

On 30 October 2019, Aya Burweila, Founder and Director of Code on the Road delivered a speech on investment opportunities between the EU and Arab world at the 4th EU-Arab World High-Level Summit: A Strategic Partnership.

The Summit took place at the Megaron Concert Hall on October 29-30 under the auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos. The Prime Minister of the Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis delivered the opening statement of the first day and former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras delivered the opening statements of the second day.

The EU-Arab World Summit is an international forum of economic and political dialogue between the EU and the Arab World. Since 2016, when the Summit was established in cooperation with the Government of the Hellenic Republic, its goal has been to identify and promote the two regions’ common interests and values collectively and single out key priority areas for cooperation, taking account of regional and global challenges.

The EU-Arab World Summit, being the first forum held within European grounds to acknowledge the need for further enhancement of EU-Arab relations in turbulent times for the global community, has been organized for the past three years with the support of the Greek government, the European Parliament, Arab League and the European Commission.

Based on the significant success of the previous Summits, the 4th EU-Arab World Summit entitled “A strategic partnership” focused on economic cooperation and investments, especially in the fields of energy, trade, science, technology and healthcare.

The Summit’s vision is to continue forging a deep and comprehensive relationship between the EU and the Arab World, based on the solid foundation of common values and respect of each other’s unique cultural heritage.

The Summit is organized by the pan-Arab conference organizing group Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal in cooperation with Delphi Economic Forum, featuring the largest Arab construction group Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) as a Strategic Sponsor.

The Summit is also under the patronage of the European Parliament and organized in cooperation with The Arab League, with the collaboration of the Union of Arab Chambers and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the support of the European Commission and the Arab Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development.

Read more about the summit here.