“Code on the Road: Empowering Migrant Women and Girls Through Business Entrepreneurship and Software Training” Program is now accepting registrations in Amman, Jordan for it's Funzi Founder 101 Hub business entrepreneurship program.

“Our guiding principles are innovation, mobility, transparency and action. The most remote, disenfranchised, and challenging cases are both our priority and passion. That is our code.”

— AYA BURWEILA, Founder & Director

Code on the Road (COR) is a nonprofit civil society organization committed to building an inclusive and equal society through implementing innovative, multi-disciplinary and targeted programs designed to empower both migrants and natives through labour-market integration, business entrepreneurship, ICT education and resilience-building against extremist right wing and religious ideology.

Extremist ideology not only impedes the existence of an open and innovative civil society where members can reach their full potential and their human rights are respected, but also serves as the hostile context in which both women and men are expected to operate.

At COR, we also place a special emphasis on empowering women and girls who lag significantly behind their male counterparts in software and business entrepreneurship training as well as access to the necessary mentorship and opportunities they need to advance their careers and realize their goals.

Shunning the traditional model of charity which does little to upset the power structure between the benefic and the beneficiary, COR’s mission is to identify vulnerabilities in society and to transform them into potentialities and self-sufficiency using innovative, timely, cost-effective, and evidence-based programs on the ground, on the internet, and through the use of smart-phone technology.  

To COR, “code” refers not only to computer programming, but also to educational programs and social policies that we must apply both as individuals and organizations to decipher and solve our social and economic problems.

To achieve our aims, COR partners with local and international organizations and networks and also acts as a regranting organization to existing initiatives that have proven to be effective, grassroots and scalable.